"MAGIC SWING" Handmade Baby Swing Rope Swing

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Unique, handmade rope swing for babies and toddlers

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Our stylish swings are made with passion and love of beauty. 
These handmade wooden swings are a true return to childhood and very special! Each piece is unique, so no swing looks exactly like the other one.

This beautiful, elegant rope swing for babies and toddlers, who can already sit independently (usually from 6-8 months) is equipped with two soft cushions so that the child can be padded and comfortable. The color of the pillows can be selected above. The children's swing consists of a hard-wearing fabric, which is available in 2 different colors:  powder pink and cream (in this color you can choose between quilted and normal fabric).

The swing is equipped with 12 durable cotton ropes. The ropes withstand a load of up to 25 kg. The standard rope length for a room 2.5 meters high is 7 meters. But we like to adjust the length of the ropes individually so that the height of the swing is appropriate. Please indicate in the order confirmation which length the ropes should have. The seat is set at a height of about 0.80 cm above the ground.

On the ropes, thick cotton pompons are attached.

ATTENTION: A ceiling mount must be procured yourself, which can withstand a lot of weight.

Please never let your child swing unattended !!

Guaranteed fun for children and adults.

Handmade in the EU.